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Say hello to Miss Elsie, who would go to the ends of the earth to make you happy and get loving belly and ear scratches! At 6 months old and about 25 lbs, this little bundle of fun already knows how to sit, is crate trained, and is making great strides in her house-training and learning to walk on a leash. She is a smart girl who is so eager to please, and is very food motivated, so she's easy to teach new tricks to. She is always wagging her tail and giving kisses, and her upbeat, happy attitude will instantly put you in a good mood.

Elsie loves her older, bigger foster sister-dog, and loves to imitate her play styles in the yard (sprinting in circles around the yard, ball in mouth). She also knows how to fetch and is excited to get her pets/scratches as a reward when she brings the ball back to you. Elsie also does well with dog-savvy cats, though she does think her foster-sibling-kitten is trying to play when it runs away from her (Elsie is actually pretty convinced that anything moving or near her wants to play with her), so she will begin to chase, but Elsie is easily corrected with a quick, Ah-ah or No.

When in the house, Elsie is in Heaven when getting belly rubs & scratches (and has the cutest puppy-tummy you've ever seen just begging to be rubbed). She likes to chew on her toys (especially her pink pig) while getting loving snuggle-time with her foster-mom. Being a puppy, she does still try to mouth at hands that are petting her during these sessions if she doesn't have a chew-toy to distract her, but she's, again, corrected pretty quickly with a Ah-Ah or No and cessation of petting until she stops. Then she's giving a multitude of kisses again to convince you that you love her (as if you needed more reasons to lose your heart to her)! Elsie smiles while she sleeps because she's dreaming of her forever home and knows she's close to finding it. Will you be the one to give her a reason to keep smiling by adopting this adorable love-bug?

AS WITH ALL YOUNG PUPS, this puppy will need constant supervision when not crated. Puppies will chew and get into trouble as any puppy would. A puppy needs a leader and someone to teach the basics of house training, obedience, and behavior. At the ages of 10-16 weeks, puppies tend to tire easily and take lots of naps. As they get older, they will need more exercise (walks, hikes, playing fetch, etc) to expend their energy and to be happy and healthy.

Don't get us wrong, we love puppies! However, we also want those interested in adopting a wee canine to make a thoughtful decision, be realistic in behavior expectations, and be prepared to provide proper and kind leadership.

For more information on our adoption process, please visit our website at and read our Adoption FAQ's and Before You Adopt documents. In addition you can complete an online adoption application from our website. You can also email for additional details.

Our adoption fee is $300 and includes all age appropriate vaccines, spay or neuter and microchipping. The breed and age included in this listing is based upon the opinion of a vet that has examined the dog. We cannot confirm the age of the dog unless the dog was born in the care of the rescue. We are located in the metro Atlanta area. We currently do not allow out of state adoptions as a home check is required as part of the adoption process

Breed: Beagle
Breed: Shepherd
Age: Baby
Gender: Female
Size: Medium
Up-to-date with routine shots: Yes

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FOSTERING isn't a lifetime


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