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Sara Hurwitch Canine Special Needs Fund

Message from Sara’s Family

When Sara began to work with You Lucky Dog Rescue to help save at-risk dogs, it quickly became very clear to us that she had found her calling. This special donation fund has been created in Sara’s name to help YLDR continue the rescue work Sara carried out with such passion and purpose.

The way Sara fostered dogs for YLDR reflected the way she lived her life: she welcomed any challenge and rose to every occasion. The 19 dogs Sara fostered for YLDR included puppies, moms with puppies and dogs with significant personality challenges. She developed a deep bond with all of them as she nurtured, trained and otherwise prepared them to enter their adoptive homes. Sara’s Fund will help YLDR meet a number of special needs that reflect Sara’s personal experiences as she carried out her work fostering dogs. Specifically, the Fund will function as a reserve to enable YLDR to:

  • Rescue dogs requiring emergency veterinary care to save their lives.

    Sara became deeply concerned about being able to meet this fundamental need.

  • Take on more litters of puppies, which can involve significant veterinary care.

    When Sara fostered a mom with a litter of puppies, she saw some of the puppies encounter severe medical problems. The next rescue mission Sara had planned for herself was to foster a pregnant dog and raise a litter of pups from birth. Sara’s Fund will enhance the ability of YLDR to support these activities that were so important to Sara.

  • Support the special needs of dogs that are not adopted for a long time.

    The successful placement of Knight, a wonderful dog Sara patiently and lovingly fostered for more than a year, was one of Sara’s most amazing accomplishments. What Knight needed above all was someone to help her trust again and she was lucky enough to find that someone in Sara. When Sara brought Knight to adoption events, she would even bring her in a pet stroller so Knight had a “safe place” to retreat to. When Knight’s perfect adoptive home was finally found, Sara spent weeks with Knight’s new family, hosting slow introductions in her home so Knight had the best possible chance for a successful transition. Sara’s Fund will provide special support such as professional training to better prepare dogs like Knight for placement.

We hope you will join with us in donating to Sara’s Fund to augment the resources of YLDR so the organization is better able meet these special needs that were so close to Sara’s heart. There is no telling how much more Sara would have accomplished as she pursued her passion with YLDR, but, knowing Sara, it would have been of enormous value. Please help us help YLDR to continue the work that meant so much to Sara.

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FOSTERING isn't a lifetime


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